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Enjoying oneself is something that we all look forward to and having a good time bonding with our friends and family members. Some people will prefer games that are not tasking will others will go for the perspiring games in order to have fun. Playing scrabble whether doing it online or not is a really fun game and also helps you learn and thus increase your vocabulary.

History: – this game is believed to be an American innovation done by Alfred Mosher Butts during the great depression. Originally scrabble was known as “Lexico”, and then latter he called it “Criss-cross words”. Mr. Butts and his partner Mr. James Brunot redesigned the game and the rules and named it scrabble which means to grope frantically in 1948.

Set of laws- there are rules and regulations that are followed by the players of this game whether they are playing online or on a scrabble board game. On the on set of the game, players have to agree upon which dictionary they will use in case both of them have a challenge. The other rule is that every wordis branded as a part of speech and is permitted.

Scrabble online.

Due to the need to have a goodtime and learn at the same time, there is no better game to think of than scrabble online. The advancement done in technology over the ages since the onset or discovery of this game is phenomenon. This advancement in technology has enabled all people with access to the internet to have a chance to play scrabble online when need be and at any time.

Registration: – for anybody to enjoy playing scrabble online on any of the sites that will enable you to play you can either play it as a guest or a member. Whether you are playing as a guest or a member you will have a goodtime. By registering to be a member of any of the website that provide scrabble online you will need to enter your details i.e. your names and password. Thistwo will be vital during login into the site for you to play. Different sites provide different merits to their members playing scrabble online.

How to join scrabble online in order to play

  • There is a procedure for you to follow in order to play scrabble online:-
  • The first step is to login in using your details i.e. your names and password.
  • Secondly on the scrabble online webpage click on load game.
  • After you’ve been logged in click on Autosearch for an opponent.
  • Once an opponent is found the game can start.

There are several websites that will enable you to play scrabble online. Some of the websites are,,,,,, just to mention but a few. Most websites will provide the history trivia and tips of this board games plus information on scrabble online clubs and organization. Other scrabble online websites will enable you play scrabble and also advance you to play super scrabble online supporting two, three or even more players.