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Playing Scrabble Online – Tips on How to Be a Winner

If you wonder how one gets to be great at playing scrabble online, first, you should do away with the notion that they have the scrabble dictionary in their mind and heart. With four, officially known dictionaries for these word game and thousands of words to play, no one can claim to know all the scrabble words by heart. The winning formula in the game lies in you understanding of the basic scrabble words and from there building your skills as you learn more and more words. Forget the pomp that many of the amateurs will state or the prideful tactics for the experts. Start with the basics, and you will rise through the online scrabble ranks, to be a winner.

The first tip will sound so simple, which it is but also very useful. To play the game, you need to fish out as many words as possible from the seven letters on your rack. Keep shifting them to see words that pop up, and while at it, try to go for words that will eradicate double letters. In addition, your eyes should be scope the words played on the board and look for all open slots that you could fix your new word. Playing scrabble online with such calculative considerations will land you on better odds of spotting high scores.

Still on the issue of having your eyes on the words played on the board, you will have to be keen on the letter too. Go over the words and take note of overly played letters, and try to retain same letter that you might have. If you note they are not many, then try to play them. It reduces the chance of picking double letters as you play the online scrabble. An added tip to this is to seek out gaps between words where you can either, placing a letter in the gap, or if an opportunity presents itself, construct a word and make several words and scores.

This is also a great way of fishing out the long words in your rack and on the game board. If you get a chance to make a long on you rack and play in on the board (called a bingo), you will earn extra points for clearing our rack. A tip to achieve this is to know the letters that will give you high chances of clearing your rack with just one word. At times playing scrabble online will need you to hold off on playing certain letters in the hopes of picking the required letter to make a bingo, but that is not always the case. Hence, you should know when odds are against you by reading the letters on the board and find a chance to play the letter you were holding.

An important tip is to learn words that have more that three vowels in them, that will be handy when you want to rid your scrabble rack of many vowels. The same applies when you have many consonants. The final online scrabble success tip is try to find as many words as possible that will use the letters with high points, which are Z, X, J, Q, and K.