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Text twist free online

Text twist is the fun game that challenges the vocabulary and speed of the player. The player is advised not to let the clock run out on him or her before guessing the six-letter word. The text twist free online greatly improves the vocabulary and quick wit when the player plays the text twist free online game.

The instructions include:

  1. The player should decide which free online site he/she would like to play text twist
  2. The player can begin the game by simply pressing ‘start’button. The player should always check the free online requirements to make sure there are enough resources on the computer to play this game.
  3. The player should make words of various lengths, from three to six letters, from the letters provided. Each time a word is made it can either fill in a blank or tell if the word is not on their list.
  4. The player should select ‘twist’ to scramble the letters to give the player ideas of the remaining words. if the player gets stuck, he/she can press ‘last word’ to reveal last word discovered or ‘clear’ if the player does not need the letters he/she is entering.
  5. The player guesses all the words in the time allotted, even if the player does not guess al the words the game still continues as long as the player correctly guesses the six letter word.
  6. The player should guess what the six letter word is or the game is over.


The word lists used by majority of the text twist free online websites are collected from public sphere word lists and supplemental lists created by these same game websites. The lists were combined and cleaned in various automatic ways, including omitting words with more than 6 letters or less than 3 letters, removing any words that could not be formed from one of the included 6-letter words and adding conjugated and plural forms of the words. The resulting list is now occasionally reviewed and edited manually by the website staff for improved accuracy and is entirely unique to a specific text twist free online game provider.

Common American words, including plurals are included in the word list. This can include alternate spellings (buses or busses) and words we are similar to. words excluded from the list include old-fashioned words (thou),foreign forms of currency, proper names, obscenities, slang, 1 or 2-letter words, words with foreign characters, hyphenated words, foreign words (e.g., siesta), plural forms of color (grays, azules) and words we simply are not familiar to.


  • A player should greatly avoid using names, places (e.g., countries) abbreviations and company/brand names. These are almost never included in text twist puzzles or in most online games.
  • Try not to think of other languages when you’re playing text twist! The only words presented are English!
  • The player should keep at it! After playing for a while, player may notice that some of the puzzles in text twist repeat from time to time. The player should use this to his/her advantage and try to memorize the words.