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Word Scramble II

Point and click on start button with cursor and mouse to begin. Form words of three letters or more using the letters given by the computer.

Become an Online Scrabble Word Wiz

If there has ever excited a word game that is riveting and addictively fun to play, then none would be the same as playing online scrabble. The game is a simple place of words on a rack and jumbling them up to make words, which need to be played on the game board. That makes the game gain its thrills, because each player has to make the best scores with each word they play. Playing scrabble online can be a bit tricky especially if you are new to having scrabble fun via the internet. You need to know a few minor details on how to go about it and become a true online scrabble word wiz.

Know and Have a Scrabble Dictionary

Playing scrabble online will pit you against all sorts of player, from the master to the novice. Challenges will be according to the kind of skill you have (that is in reference to the scrabble words that you know at heart). However, if you have a scrabble dictionary, you stand a good chance to win almost every game that you play. The dictionary will matter with the publishers; hence, one will have some words that some other dictionaries lack.

While many scrabble players have the accepted and common scrabble words in their bags, it is wise to play a game based on familiar dictionary wordings that each player. That said online scrabble will remain a fun game, and you can challenge the authenticity of a word that you are not familiar with. The four basic scrabble dictionaries will be the OSPD, SOWPODS, OSW, and TWL.

Know Your Two Letter Words and Parallel Words

On average, you should know a hundred two letter words if you are to make it as a top player in online scrabble. Just as a structure has building blocks that fortify it, likewise you will have to be keen on your two letter words. This helps you with the generation of parallel words that follow during the game. It also gives you a better lead over your online scrabble opponents with good odds on your side in landing the bonus squares.

A good online scrabble player should have a keen eye on the board and mark out his or her word options on his or her word rack. Playing parallel words creates good high scores, but it all calls for to know your scrabble words. While playing the two letter words is a good move, it can as well be a means to open up chances for your opponents to lurch on and play the big scores. Playing scrabble online will need you to master your two-letter, and parallel words, finding a way to play them without making obvious chances to your opponents.

Go For the Bonus Squares

All scrabble players will play the game with an ultimate goal of landing on bonus squares. The best scrabble player will make calculative moves that push his or her opponents to make it easier for them to land the bonus squares. If you can manage to play online scrabble and master how to play around with the vowels limiting the chances of hooks from your opponent, yet eyeing the bonus squares, you will gain high scores.