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Text Twist 2

Test your English skills and grammar. Play Text Twist 2 online free and try to arrange letters in words. Create as many words as you can.

Text Twist 2 Review

After the highly successful Text Twist, the creators of the game have come up with a new and improved version of the game. There are more options that are available in Text Twist 2 which would surely fire up the passion that every fan has in becoming one of the word masters of the game. If you are intrigued with the changes of the game, read along as we will be discussing each one of them.
Educational games have become even more fantastic with the modern age of technology. With some modifications to the system, a newly improved version of Text Twist has emerged. It comes with several twists as there is even a reward system that has been added in order for you to keep track and be motivated to play the game on a daily basis.

The Gameplay

Basically, Text Twist 2 covers the same mechanics in terms of gameplay. However, this time, instead of having a standard of six letters, players are now given the option to choose on either six, seven, or eight letters as the maximum length. If you want a challenge, then you should go for the seven or even eight letters as it is much harder to figure out what the longest word is.
Remember that you have to come up with the longest word for you to advance to the next round but in Text Twist 2, you have two extra lives to spare in case you hit a dead end. Make sure that you utilize your lifelines on those hard to formulate words by always trying to figure out the longest word first.

The Different Game Modes

There are different modes to choose from but you still get the standard timed mode which sets you on two-minute clocks. You also have the “Word of the Day” mode which acts of some sort of a bonus mode because you could only enter this mode once a day. If you manage to come up with the word that they are looking for, it would give out huge bonus points for you.
You also have the untimed mode where you can play much like the standard mode but with the time limit taken off. This is good for those who are new at playing Text Twist 2, as it allows beginners to get used to the game without having the pressure of being defeated by a timer.

The player also gets two extra lives or passes just in case you want to skip to the next round.
There is also a game mode called the Lightning mode that puts you in some great action! Your goal is to locate all of the special long words before the allotted time is consumed. By solving words, it would give you more time and also increase your chances of getting through the next round. Lastly, you also have the Crossword mode which allows you to play on a crossword puzzle by using a certain number of letters following the same mechanics of the game.

How to play Text Twist 2

We are now privileged to play the game without having the need to download the game. As long as your computer or smart phone has an updated adobe flash player, you can easily access the game by clicking on this “Link”. There is a so-called “Bingo word” that you need to find no matter what game mode you are currently playing which is basically the longest word possible.
Text Twist 2 uses the same shortcuts such as the Letters on the Keyboard for typing the letters of the words you are trying to formulate, and then pressing Enter to see if your word exists. If you get stuck at finding the Bingo Word, you could always decide to “Twist” or scramble them in order to gather some ideas and this is done by simply clicking on the Twist button or by pressing the Spacebar.

As mentioned a while ago, Enter inputs the word that you have just typed in but it could also be used to view the last word that you typed. By clicking the Backspace button, you remove the last letter of the word and by hitting the Delete button you will clear all of the letters that you have typed. However, you always have the option to click on the mentioned buttons if you are not accustomed to typing.

The Gorgeous Design

The game has had some improvements with regards its design. Although it follows the same blue theme, it is now a lot more appealing to view upon. They have also added a reward system which would really make you play even more. This great looking reward feature is the trophy section and also the ranking or the high scores. A lot of animations have been added too, making Text Twist 2 stand out from the rest of its contenders.