Text Twist

Play the original version of Text Twist Online. Try to combine the letters in order to form as many words as you can. Have fun!

Text Twist Review

Games nowadays focus on the more creative side like fantasy and adventure. Back when computers were just starting to gain fame on the gaming aspect of it, educational games was quite abundant. So are educational games been left in history or merely for children to play? Text Twist is a game that has been engraved to the hearts of most of the 90’s generation.
Text Twist allows players to formulate as many words possible from a given set of letters within a two-minute time limit to beat. Although it can indeed enhance every child’s intellectual capacity by this form of word-creation practice, Text Twist is not just for kids but is a challenge to adults at any age. So if you have some spare time to waste, why not with this game right?

The Gameplay

Upon entering the game, you will be given six letters. You are now required to come up with all of the words that could possibly be created with these letters. If you manage to get the six-letter word, it would qualify you to advance to the next round. Failing to do so would hinder your goal of moving forward to higher levels.

With that being said, it would be best for you to focus on finding the longest word because even without any of the other shorter words, you would be able to continue playing the game. However, speed is crucial in winning this game due to the fact that if you manage to find the other shorter words, you will get some points for it.

To win on the game, you have to beat the top scores. Although there is no multiplayer mode in this game, you can still easily brag about your high scores to a friend who is playing the game as well. Do take note that there is a time limit in Text Twist, so you have to type fast to beat the allotted time frame. If you are a crossword game lover, then this game would surely be your favourite.

How to Play Text Twist

With the internet readily made available for most individuals on this modern era of ours, there is an easy way to play Text Twist, and this is simply through web browsing. By clicking this “Link”, you would be brought to a web browser that hosts a free version of Text Twist. All you have to do afterwards is activate your adobe flash player once asked then you are good to go.
Shortcuts are essential for your success because time is indeed gold in this game. By typing in the letters in your keyboard would bring up the certain letters. When you manage to form a word, just press Enter and it would automatically be revealed then you will get corresponding score points from it. There is also a “Twist” button which simple jumbles the words up, and this could also be done by pressing the Spacebar.

By pressing Backspace, you will remove the last letter that you have included and if you press Delete, all of the letters will be cleared. If you are not a keyboard type of player, you could also play the game by simply clicking on the letters that you want. Nevertheless, it would be best if you try it on a keyboard as it would be more advantageous for you and it will also enhance your skills in typing.

The Overall Design

In talks about its design, it is quite vibrant and appealing to look at. With the bright blue and white mix of colors, it definitely soothes your eye sight as it represents more like the calm sky and clouds. With that, it makes it very child friendly and also does not put that much strain to your eyes when playing.

The Verdict

Text Twist is a game that could be played by anyone to enhance their skills in typing and also to learn new words as they play along. If you are always beaten by your sibling in scrabble, this game would be the best exercise to do as it would allow much room for you to come up with words when playing an actual game of scrabble.
Jumbled words have never been fun like Text Twist. With the fair scoring system and the thrilling two-minute timer, you would surely be killing much of your time with this game. Unlike the many violent games that are available in today’s times, Text Twist is a game that you could easily recommend to anyone.