Slice chocolates to form words. Chocolates change color when words are formed. Find as many words as you can before the time runs out!

Text Twist 2 and Text twist free online

This is a game of words that seeks to sharpen a player’s vocabulary skills with five different word – scrambling game modes. Gamers are given a set number of letters from which they must derive as many words as possible, with the ultimate goal of finding a single word composed of every available letter. There are more than 25,000 words to locate, while the two timed modes, two untimed modes and single “Crossword” mode were designed to offer an enjoyable experience to players of all ages and skill levels. However, all modes involve trying to find words from an assortment of letters in order to earn points and/ or complete a game round. There is no penalty for guessing incorrectly or spelling a word not found in the games dictionary, although the timer continues to tick down in timed modes.

This game gets its name from the twist button, which rearranges the letters on the player’s ‘rack’, so that he or she might find a better word when stumped. Twisting can be used an unlimited number of times per game. When one is really stumped, you can choose to pass and skip to the next round in some game modes. You only get two passes per game, so use it judiciously(or more likely. Modes that don’t offer the pass option simply allow players give up and try again.

Game Modes

Standard:In this mode, players have two minutes per round to find as many words as possible. Each word you locateappears on the box of the screen. You are only allowed to find a set of words of each length – for instance, five three – letter words, four 4 – letter words and so on, though the numbers vary by the assortment of letters provided. The true objective of this mode is to find the longest word possible with the letters gives. If you have five letters to work with, the longest word possible would be a five letter word

Untimed: This mode plays just like the standard except it lacks a time limit. Of course, in a game where there is already pretty much nothing at stake and no real progression, removing the one element of change beyond simply finding the words doesn’t help.

Letter Mania: Here you need to spell multiple words in order to reach a certain target number of letters within the time limit. The target number increases steadily as players reach new rounds.

Lightning: The objective of each round is to find five specific words from their corresponding letter sets with a time limit of one minute and twenty seconds. If you don’t select any letters, the letters of the target word will slowly be revealed. Finding the word without letting all the letters appear results in a small time bonus.

Daily Word:A daily challenge to find a 7 – letter word. You can also find a single word with three, four, five and six letters for additional points. After finding the target seven letter word, either the game ends or you can go back to find the shorter words. Daily Word is a brilliant idea in concept, however, it really does force one to wait exactly twenty four hours or more to play again