Wordit – Free game for word and word lovers and related games. Play in normal or temporary mode and compare your results online with friends in common tables.
If you like crosswords or crossword puzzles, WORDIT is a new game for you! Change all the characters on the screen to create the current words. Try again using the letters to get higher values and to code the words horizontally and vertically. You can also enable the user’s temporary query mode and create words to delete before completing the text.
An interesting page for random words where words are more important than others.
This popular puzzle has some surface changes and functionality, while maintaining the exciting gameplay style that magnifies the original.

Describe the Word

WORDIT to try “- especially if you play vocabulary, such as Scrabble puzzles or the start of cross in WORDIT to put characters at random, and that is your goal, the letters are submitted, on the board so that all the letters part From the actual word Every letter in If you use horizontal and vertical characters, you will calculate the value twice, then, if you get a high score, try to cross your letters of words that contain the highest values of that point. temporary queries for the user and create words to remove it before filling in the text.

New Features

  • A larger board, which also generates longer words and less confusion at later levels.
  • Now you can play instantly from any level in the menu and in sequence.
  • You can send points for each level and even share screenshots on Facebook.
  • With the new button you can easily move and retrieve all the characters in the panel.
  • The time mode is now much faster (but not simpler) to finish the levels.
  • Soon there will be versions of Android and iPhone WordIt2!

How to Play It?

If you want to play this game on time, you must click on the characters and drag them to create words. Use the Shift key to drag the selection rectangle to multiple characters. Current words are automatically deleted and create parts of the word scene. Create reliable keywords in all phases and take all the cards to the next level.
Wordit is an exciting and addictive online puzzle game that challenges the ability to find words to get high scores. Each level in both modes becomes more challenging, offers a great challenge and more action. This is the perfect game for all amateur games or games, regardless of level of experience or skill. Other online games are not fast, but they are not that easy. Experienced players who want to test their skills in this game can do so, while novices can use the game to refine their skills for more intense online games. This game allows you to choose a game mode that gives you what you are looking for and gives you the best gaming experience.

Wordit is similar to other text games based on points and clicks. The task is to create words using the characters you provide. The rules are quite simple and the controls are easy to comment on. All you have to do is click on the letter and drag it to create two-letter words. Create horizontal and vertical words, so pay attention to the characters that surround the word you want to create. If you put the letter so that it forms a word vertically, there are other words that surround it horizontally. You must make sure that the message you enter is added to all the words. The basic rules for scribbling are more or less. This game also uses the standard Scrabble vocabulary, in general you can use any word you can use here in Scrabble.

Wordit offers two game modes: normal mode and temporary mode. The situation you choose depends on how difficult it is. In normal mode, you must use each character specified in the word to continue in the next round. Words can be used together to create words or characters that are larger than words previously created to create new words. If you think you are using all the letters with valid keywords, click on the green check mark in the lower right corner of the game screen. If you use all the characters and all the words are correct, you will go to the next level. If any of the words are not valid, they indicate words or words that must be changed and can return to the game screen to correct errors. Correct and mark until all words are correct. In this mode, no new characters are inserted during the game. Then you only have the characters that you specify. At later levels, try to keep the characters in the corner of the game screen until you can use them. Separate vowels from consonants to make things easier. It takes a lot of time at the beginning, but you can make many calls during the game.


In general, Wordit has no doubts about the best online games. Everyone can have fun in this game, regardless of their experience. Experienced players will love the complexity of the time mode, while beginners will be difficult in the normal situation but with a skill level. The game is complicated, maybe you’re frustrated, but you never want to go. This is a fantastic game in which there will be an explosive game and it will keep you coming and going.